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So, I'm watching Say Yes to the Dress. Which I don't exactly agree with because I feel like the employees are so sales driven that they really don't care about the bride, the dress or the wedding -- their only concern is their commission. But obviously I watch the show when it's on and it's now available on Netflix so I'm sitting here watching a bunch of episodes at once and I have to say people are absolutely, positively so rude.

I cannot imagine being the brides on this show who bring family members and friends who spend the entire appointment bringing their "loved" ones down. Like, what is the point of going to "help" & "advise" the bride if the whole time you are telling her she looks horrible, like a cupcake and/or fat? Granted, some dresses... not so flattering on all figures. But there is a perfect dress for everyone! Instead of "oh GOD, no no no no no no!"... can't you say, "it's a nice dress, I think I'd like to see you in something else". Right?

I just watched an episode where a bride was trying on dresses while her twin literally complained the whole time... that the appointment was taking too long because she had places to go, the dress was ugly and made her look like "frosting" and that she hopes the next bridal appointment is at least 2 months away because she just "can't sit through another one of these appointments soon again".

Uhm. What? Why are you there? Just to spread your negative energy to everyone in the building as well as watching at home? You sound like a fool.

I have to say, I had the best experience trying on dresses.

I went kind of "spur of the moment". No appointment just went into try some things on. I had picked out a few online and of course had a favorite. I choose five dresses to bring into the fitting room. My mom & my aunt Barb sat outside and they completely indulged me while I twirled and smiled and contemplated -- utterly supportive but still critical and overwhelmingly helpful.

Of course my favorite dress I choose to try on as my fifth dress. I just knew if I tried it on first I would never get myself into any of the others.

I loved every dress. But when I put the final dress on... you just know. I knew. Right away. Immediately. There was no question.

I thought about "thinking about it". Leaving & sleeping on it.

But it was on sale! And it was perfect. And they loved it. And it was exactly what I always saw myself wearing. And I couldn't resist.

I entered the store on a whim & came out with a dress. 18 months before the big day!

So when I see these girls who don't know and aren't sure and just cry and cry [not the good kind of tears]... I just feel so bad for them.

The girls who say, "I don't think I'm going to feel like any dress is THE ONE".

I just can't agree with! There is a dress for everyone.

So, maybe if you can't decide... you should change your audience [you know, the people you bring for "support"] rather than change the dresses [you know, the one you love but your future sister in-law doesn't like a portion of]. Who is she, really... anyways?


  1. i saw that episode with the twin. seriously!?!? WTF!!! i was supposed to go to an appointment there too, but decided to go to a local mom and pop shop in hoboken instead - and i am SO glad i did!!!

  2. nice post...totally agree. i went twice with my sis (moh), my nana and a few bridesmaids...too many opinions flying around. ended up going for a third time with just my nana and sis. to a different dress shop, and finally found a dress...it helped to not have lots of opinions flying around (even though i love all of my friends)...but it also helped to have the owner of the shop pulling out dresses that she knew were going to flatter me :-)

  3. I used to love the show when I was engaged, but now that I am married I don't want it too often. The stylists always reminded me of the bad auto salesman. When I went to go get my dress, I only had my grandmother (she was paying) and that's it. I knew I would side with everyone or try and make someone else happy so I didn't want a lot of people there. There wasn't a reason for it. :)

  4. I completely agree with all of you! It's just so overdone. I feel sad for the girls who go there! It seems so rushed and all about money not the experience!

    I like the idea of going with a few helpful people at a low-key store [or during a low-key time of day] so you can really focus on why you're there.


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