The Guest List

I've been working on finding/getting/asking for addresses for 3 hours now.

It's a lot of work and something I wish I could skip over and just be done with.

Most of the wedding planning -- I love. This, not so much.

I called the hotels on Wednesday but they won't have exact rates for me until December so I can't quite check that off the list.

I talked to my maid of honor =) yesterday and she told me to email her some pictures of what I'm thinking about for shoes for the girls and she'll keep an eye out.

I know these are just random statements thrown together but unfortunately that's all I can manage because I'm sick and typing up addresses has taken all my energy.

Hopefully a more thought-provoking post including a picture will happen tomorrow.


  1. guest lists = crap


    we outgrew the ballroom we were in so we had to switch to a larger one that was luckily open...with 8 months to go....thanks to the guest list. argh.

    good luck..stay strong. :-D

  2. thanks!

    it's really hard to get all the information together, and think about who you really want there and who needs to be there and who should be there... it's like never ending!


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