Some updates!

I'm really slacking on my duties here on the wedding blog & people have let me know! I never really knew how many people read my posts daily until I stop posting every day.

So what's going on?

Well! Last Sunday, my mom and I spent about 3.5 hours, yes you read that right -- three and a half hours, at Bed Bath & Beyond... registering for literally everything. Someone opted out of the excursion, probably keeping in mind the events that unfolded a few months ago at Macys. Nothing bad happened... but it sure was a long night.

I realized a couple of things during this process. Here goes:

1. It's really hard to register at more than one store. I kept seeing all these great things at BB & B but telling myself I was pretty/almost/maybe "sure" that I already registered for these great things some place else.


2. It's really hard to register for things when you don't have a house in mind to decorate. We'll move again before the wedding but don't plan on having our own house until a few years from now. But I still want to register for gifts we'd need/want at a house... or else we may never get the chance to have these things. Right?

In other news:

I've been receiving lots of phone calls recently from vendors I must have met many months ago at all the bridal shows I attended. I feel like everyone is going through their lists again and making calls -- which is somewhat annoying to me because I don't need to book anything else [I don't think]. So now I'm having to screen calls... again -- just like I was doing back in the winter time.


Bridesmaid shoes?!

I love the color & the style. But they may be too high. =(

But the price is right where I'd like it to be and they're literally what I pictured for the bridesmaids...

Another drawback along with the height is that I've only found them online [not in stores] so what if they order them and they don't fit... or aren't comfortable? I'd like everyone to try them on first...

I don't want anyone to be in pain...

And then:

I think I've literally posted these shoes like 4 times. I love, love, love them. And I want them. So I think my decision is made.

For a while I wanted blue shoes... but now I think I want blue ballet flats for the day of the wedding while getting ready. It'll be cute.

Now that our save the dates are in... we have to get addresses! But suddenly I'm realizing that I don't know anyone's address... at all. Not even close family or friends. So strange...

I guess the internet has really taken over everything.


  1. i hear ya. looooove those badgleys but they were too high for me :(

    we registered at BBB (because they have the same stuff as the other places but people can use those 20% off coupons and save major $), AND myregistry.com. if you haven't checked it out yet, do! it allows you to select gifts from every store under the sun instead of being locked in to just one or two - i selected items from anthropologie for the kitchen and pottery barn, etc. it was great!

  2. that's what i thought about BBB too! [about the coupons being a good thing for everyone!]

    i checked out myregistry.com! what a great thing! thanks so much!!


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