The 23rd...

The number 23 is pretty important to us. His birthday is on the 23rd. I feel like great things always happen on the 23rd and it seems to be a common answer to "what's your lucky number?" [at least in my experience].

I guess you could call it our anniversary number, since we became official on June 23 some time ago.

And when we were planning our wedding it was a date that really stuck out for us because of all the above reasons.

Unfortunately, June 23, 2011 isn't a Saturday... or it would have fate! And July 23 is my mom's birthday so I didn't want to take that away. And so we settled on the week before -- July 16th.

But I feel like even after we're married we'll continue the tradition of saying "happy anniversary" on the 23rd of each month. You may say it's become a little bit of a ritual for us. Actually, it's a competition... to see who can realize the date and say the phrase first.

By the way, this month -- I won.


  1. That's Awesome, My husband and I have a thing about 11. His basketball # was 11 in college and we started dating on 11/11, we wanted to get married on and 11th but it didn't work out! But ironically we were engaged 11 months on the nose! Have a great weekend!


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