I've been slowly -- very slowly -- putting together our save the dates.

When I say slowly, I mean last week I stuffed the envelopes and this week I may seal them.

Next week, I may stamp them. And in November maybe I'll address them...

Just kidding!

I don't know why I can't get my act together! It's definitely true that I've waited a whole week from the time the envelopes were stuffed -- to now... and I've done nothing!

Partly, because when I do a project I like to have all the pieces... and when I don't have all the pieces [like ALL the addresses] I feel like even if I finish the project -- it's still technically incomplete. I don't like that...

So, once I have everything... I'll get myself together and seal envelopes, address, stamp and mail them!

I have two maids of honor... well technically, one is a matron -- and during her last visit out here she ordered both of their dresses for the wedding... I just got word their dresses are in the store! Since, they both live in California, I'm going to pick them up this weekend! I'm so excited to have them in my possession.

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  1. totally completely know how you feel about wasting time...it's good to take a deep breath and step away from it all, make a list and then you can jump back into it...i always find that i should have a cup of coffee while making that list..gets me revved up :-)


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