It's coming!

I know I've been MIA lately... I've been so sick! I haven't even caught up on any DVR let alone been present on the blog for the past week.

I realized today that we're almost nine months away from our day. Which is a huge deal considering the countdown began around 22 months! I feel like I don't want to wait anymore!

I've been thinking so much about the wedding. About things I want to do, can do & should do. But it's so hard. Even though I think there's only nine months left... I know realistically it's more like there's still nine months left.

So I guess now I'm just a a little anxious. And blogging about it makes me realize that I don't have much I need to do now.

Which is good and bad.

Bad because I don't have much to do [clearly].

But good because I know I don't have much to do because I've already done it all. =)

I have some good things planned for the blog this week though. So, stay tuned.

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