All the fancy wedding websites I frequent have quite enjoyable forums where brides [or grooms?] ask questions and otherwise have complete conversations with each other about their upcoming or pretty recent weddings. But some of the best posts are the ones titled: NWR.

Now. I have to admit, it took me a VERY long time [probably too long] to realize what these initials stood for... and then I realized:

Not Wedding Related. Get it? Yeah, me too.

So, even though my blog is about our wedding... I have to admit this post is NWR.

But [maybe] you'll enjoy it anyways...

Here we are:

We spent the weekend here:

At this:

And, even though there were 215,000 people:

We were right in front. =)

We were very happy.

After the rally, we became complete tourists.

And went to the National Zoo & The American History Museum. =)

The best part was seeing this:

Do you remember it?:

So actually... it turns out, when you're engaged... nothing is really ever NWR.

Because honestly, it all comes back to the white dress.


  1. wow this is pathetic but my favorite part is michelle's dress, haha! it's so gorgeous!

  2. I'm from Maryland :) We actually had an apartment 40 minutes outside DC while my husband was stationed out there. It is a wonderful place. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.


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