Oh, nightmares.

Sean's on tour with his band which leaves me sleeping alone.

And while normally, I have bad dreams completely due to my obsession of watching Criminal Minds before bed... last night, I didn't have those types of dreams.

I had nightmares! Not about serial killers... but about things going wrong at the wedding!

Wanna know what happened?

1. I forgot my dress! And there wasn't time to go home and get it!
2. I didn't have anyone to do hair or makeup!
3. I didn't have gifts to give bridesmaids and groomsmen.
4. Our photographer showed up late!
5. I had no flowers!

And I'm pretty sure there were more things... I'm forgetting.

Ughhh. And it was one of those dreams that seemed to last alllll night...



  1. i had them too and they drove me nuts, haha :)

  2. 1st I would NEVER let you forget your dress! I'd stall the ceremony and pay extra so we could have the space longer!
    2nd they'll be enough cameras and technology at your wedding wed find a way to capture your day :)
    3rd I'd steal flowers from front lawns if there was no local florist around :)
    4th forget gifts is ok wed survive!
    5th your naturally beautiful so if no make up artist came you'd be fine :) but hair.. I can't do that part but I'd try,,,, can't wait for July!!! Xoxox


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