We're so silly...

So on Friday, which was the actual anniversary of the day we got engaged (the day after thanksgiving... opposed to the actual date we got engaged -- November 27) our parents threw us an engagement party -- which was a complete, and utter surprise!

The day leading up to the party -- I guess I was being difficult! I just really wanted to go shopping! After all it was Black Friday -- and I didn't understand why my mom, the woman who will always go shopping with me -- no matter what... was so, "hmmm... Black Friday is never successful... they never have good deals, the stores rip us off..."! So, having every intention of keeping me away from my mom so that she and Sean's mom could do what they needed to do... my dad came to pick me up and take me to lunch. During which time I was receiving call after call from Sean (who was supposed to be hanging out with his older brother Joe and his wife Kim who are visiting from Seattle). He kept saying, "I don't know, they want to wait for you to get back -- we're going to spend the day like we're on a double date".

So when I got home they picked me up and Joe said we were going bowling at an alley that is 40 minutes away... even though we have an AMF bowling alley 5 minutes from our house -- to which his answer was "yes, but that's big balls and I like candle pin bowling". My response -- of course, that makes sense.

As we were driving there, he said "hmm, actually let's go to the movies". Now, a sudden change of plans for a lot of people is noticeable and obvious but for Joe... not so much! So his change of heart completely made sense to us and we chuckled to ourselves in the back seat like, "haha, oh Joe... can never make up his mind!"

So we went to the movies. Immediately after the movies he said, "okay, well I made dinner reservations at 7 so we have time to go bowling" to which we responded, "sounds fun!". The few times we questioned where dinner was going to be he answered, "hmm, I'm not sure I made reservations online -- I'll check my email after bowling". Again, completely unaware of everything we thought, "that makes sense!"

After bowling, Joe said, "hmm, well we have a half hour until dinner, let's grab a drink". And so we did... It just made sense...

After one more attempt to find out what we'd be eating that night I asked, "so what's this restaurant called?" and he answered the name of a place... I knew did not accept reservations and I laughed and said, "Really? You don't need reservations for there!!" And (looking back) awkward laughs were exchanged and then silence was had...

We pulled up to the place and the only car I noticed was the car Sean's younger brother Jamie drives which again, made sense, because we were meeting him for dinner!

We walked in and looked around... no Jamie! So Joe started walking down the stairs but I knew that was for private parties and I said, "oh no, I'm not going down there that would be awkward!" and Kim gave me a gentle push down the stairs and said "oh no, that's where we're going!"

We walked down the stairs and the room was full of people we KNEW! Talk about a surprise... we had no idea... and even while standing there for the first few minutes... I didn't get it. I knew to smile because there were so many cameras. But I didn't get it until I started seeing our engagement pictures everywhere!

I can't wait to share more!

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  1. It was a lot of fun planning this with Sean's mom and the look on your faces made it even more precious!


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