Christmas cards!

December is the best time of the year for mail. It's the one time when I really make sure to check the mail every day. Wanna know why?

Christmas Cards!

I love them. I love receiving them. I love reading them. I love finding a place to hang them. They're great.

Now, sending them out myself -- I'm not so great at that part.

In theory... it sounds like a great idea. And I try to be proactive and figure out how to do it... but for some reason it never happens.

This year, all the sudden I turned around and here we are a few days from the day, and it's like... well it's too late now.

This year is also a really exciting time to receive Christmas cards because look how people are addressing them:

Seee! I love it! This card happened to be sent to us from my maid of honor =)

PS. - I didn't block out our address because we're moving in 3 weeks and honestly, if you want to send us mail... go right ahead.

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