Cookie Swap

Never having been to a cookie exchange... but being really interested in them -- I, along with my mom and Barb ventured into the land of hosting a cookie swap.

We read up on hosting them and this is what we ended up with:

We sent out our invites, home-made. Do you love'em? Because I do.

Did you notice the reindeer's embellished nose? And we used red envelopes from, where else? Paper Source.

This is the transcript, just in case:

The bright red nose of this festive reindeer

Has sniffed out a cookie swap in the air.

So dust off the recipes and fire up the range

And come to our first Christmas Cookie exchange.

Fancy or simple, frosted or rolled,

Sugary stars all buttery gold,

Bon bons and brownies, snickerdoodles and more

You'll have armloads of cookies when you go out the door.

Bring 7 dozen cookies - yes, it seems like a lot

Too many you say? Oh no, we think not.

Use them as gifts, eat them yourself

Put out a few for the Jolly Old Elf.

Or when family is together on Christmas day

You'll have a wonderfully yummy dessert buffet!

The air will be festive, the food a plenty

With holiday cheer for our group of twenty.

Please find the time, we hope you can make it

No store bought treats, we'll know if you fake it!

Cute right? I know!

First, "we" [and I clearly, say that loosely because I had nothing to do with this part] got the house ready for Christmas!

This next part, though - that's what I contributed, too. This is my village: the North Pole.

When everyone started arriving, I took their cookies and set them up on the plates and trays and everything else we had waiting for them...

Here's another angle:

For the actual swap part of the party, we had these boxes ready, lined with festive tissue paper on the inside.

Throughout the house we had bowls, trays and plates of each kind of cookie so that everyone could try each cookie.

We didn't have many other sweets, just hor d'ourves -- however, the pretzelies made an appearance!

It was really successful and everyone went home with 6 dozen cookies! I can't wait to have one next year!


  1. what a wonderful idea! I love the invitations. How do you go about doing this cookie swap?

  2. oh my gosh! that is the cutest poem. so clever. and i'm glad you had a successful swap! i hope i can do something like this next year. :)

    merry christmas!


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