I'd like to state my first (?) formal complaint I've encountered while planning the wedding.

Of course, during the process I've run into the annoyances of how much things are costing, frustration overcame my body when I was told gerbera daisies were too informal for our wedding, and creating a guest list and sticking to a number may have been the most difficult task as of yet.

But nothing, and I mean nothing is as annoying, frustrating and difficult than when someone doesn't return your phone calls.

For example...

Last summer, I checked out hotels near our venue because I want(ed) to book room blocks for the night of the wedding. These hotels both told me that I needed to wait to book off the rooms until December because they weren't sure of the rates for next July. Fine.

On December 1st, I called both hotels and the women that I need to talk to were both gone for the day. Fine. I understand that I called after 4:00. I mean I have a job, too. I left messages for both of them.

No call back.

A few days later, I called again. Both hotels. Explained to the desk, again, why I was calling and they transferred me to voicemail, again. And I left voicemails, again.

No call back.

A few days later, I called back. Both hotels. Explained to the desk, again, why I was calling and when they asked me if I wanted to leave messages I said no. Because, honestly? I was annoyed.

So. Now, I'm on vacation. And I thought to myself: "this is perfect! it's 11 am on Tuesday morning! call now! They'll be there!".

So, I called. And explained to the desk, again, and the first one transferred me to the woman I need to talk to and I got her voicemail! AGAIN!

The next hotel, took down my information(for the first time, apparently!) and said that the woman I need to talk to would call me back within two hours. Fine.

Do you think she called me back?



It's like impossible!

I feel defeated, annoyed and frustrated. And now, I don't even want people to stay there! Because they're not helpful, or courteous, or professional!

What to do... what to do.


  1. my hotels didnt call me back either! i was like, um, do you realize how much $ you will make off of this?? so frustrating!

  2. oh no! although, that's really good to know that it's not just me!!


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