Honeymoon, anyone?

As we're nearing the 7 month mark -- things are really coming into focus.

Another check to our venue is due soon! =(

Plus, our food tastings are soon and we have to choose songs for the DJ and make a list of important pictures for the photographer to take! Very exciting stuff!

One thing that is reallllly exciting to think about is our honeymoon. If it's [financially] possible we have our eyes set on Ireland. Neither of us have been to many places and it's a particular place that we've both always been interested in.

I know when most people think of a honeymoon, they think beaches. I don't particularly like the beach... especially for long periods of time: I hate the sand, I can't swim, I don't like being hot, and I burn -- in other words, at the beach... I'm such a complainer!

Luckily for me, Sean doesn't really like the beach either!

It just seems the perfect fit for us to go to Ireland. And we hope to see it all!

When I think of Ireland -- I think of castles! Sean thinks of the Guinness Storehouse -- but I think we can meet in the middle. =)

Imagine spending a couple of nights here:

I've read that it's typically the groom who plans the honeymoon... but I think we'll do it together. =)

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  1. Ireland sounds like a wonderful honeymoon! If you are able to do it, I would! :)


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