Ins & Outs of our swap

Along with the invite that we sent out, we sent out "the rules of the swap". Sadly, I don't have a picture of it... but I'll try to remember.

I asked that each person coming bring 7 dozen of the same kind of cookie. This allowed us to have 1 dozen of each cookie available to try at the party which left 6 dozen to swap. In total there were seventeen kinds of cookies at the party and each person was able to take 5 of each kind of cookie leaving the party with a total of 6 dozen assorted cookies. Let me tell you, it's a lot of cookies!

I asked that everyone email me at least 10 days before the party to let me know the type of cookie they'd be bringing - I didn't want to end up with all chocolate chip cookies, for example. I also requested recipes for each cookie because I wanted to put together a recipe book, full of the cookies from our swap of 2010. This recipe book could have been a lot cuter... so I didn't take a picture, but next year it'll be great. I already have ideas!

At the party, as people started to arrive I took their trays and put out their cookies on our trays we had waiting for them. We had note cards, that had the same reindeer image from our invitation, so that the name of the cookie & the baker could be displayed where everyone could see. We had festive music, and food & drinks that everyone could enjoy. About an hour & a half into the party I began going up to people and letting them know how this would work...

There were boxes ready. Enough boxes for everyone to take 2 or 3. There were also enough zip-loc bags for everyone to separate all the cookies out before placing them in their box(es). This was good for multiple reasons...

1. it keeps the cookies fresher
2. it keeps the cookies that contain nuts away from the ones that don't -- just in case, you have people with allergies.
3. not all cookies go well together...

I did the math and taking 5 of each cookie worked out perfectly.

After the guests, mingled & ate & drank, they started taking their cookies. Taking the cookies right before they left worked out nicely because then we didn't have to worry about stacking/storing/keeping their boxes full of cookies somewhere safe while they went back the party.

I had tape and ribbon at hand to help seal the boxes tightly.

And the best part is that it's a week later, and I still have some yummy cookies that are still fresh and enjoyable!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

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