Music to my ears...

I've been putting "wedding music" into my Google search and coming up with lots of songs that I probably would never consider including at our wedding. But every once in a while I cross a song that may be possible to hear... during the reception or something. The other night I was thinking "what should I walk down the aisle to?".

I came across this song:

It's pretty and romantic and I loved it. It was [somewhat] familiar but different.

And then... it was vetoed! Wanna know why?

It's the same song that's played in Twilight... the first time Bella goes into Edward's room.

Now for me -- not a big deal! I'm obsessed... but for Sean -- it was an immediate: absolutely not.

So... I said "well, can't you just write me something to walk down the aisle to?" and he responded, "actually, yes".

And there you have it! An original song to narrate [one of] the most important moments in our lives. I think that's pretty perfect.


  1. this song was also played at the end of the first oceans 11 when they're all standing at the fountain - i had no idea it was in twilight too and we used it during our ceremony and it was beautiful :)

  2. well I have to agree that, that would be really romantic if he wrote you a song! :)


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