It's really hard to make a list [and check it twice!] that includes all the important things I'll want pictures of from our wedding day. I mean... of course, there's all the different family combinations... this person in... that person out. When I look at the list it seems like it'll take hours! God, I hope not...

And then I want all the shots of my outfit: on and off. I want those pretty shots of my dress hanging and my shoes on the floor. All the bridesmaid dresses hanging together. My jewelry, my something borrowed/blue/old & new. My veil.

I want pictures of bouquets and ceremony programs and table settings.

I want formal pictures and candid shots from the reception.

At the reception I want pictures of us at each guest table. Our first dance. Cutting the cake. Everything. Everything. Everything! It must be possible...

What's the most important picture?!


  1. make sure you make a list no matter what!! here's a checklist i started with the brides i'm working with - then when you think of more you just add to the list and on the day of the wedding, give to your photographers:
    Photo Checklist
    Getting ready shots – bride’s hair & makeup, groom’s cufflinks & tie
    Groom's expression when he sees the bride for the first time
    Father's expression when he sees his daughter for the first time in her gown
    Traditional family portraits - in-laws, parents, siblings
    Bridal party photos of the girls, the guys, and the whole group together
    Wedding day details - the dress, the shoes, the venue, the place cards...
    First dances - husband/wife, mother/son, father/daughter
    Cake cutting
    Bouquet/garter toss (if applicable)
    Group shots dancing
    Bride’s dress alongside her mother and grandmother’s dress
    Shoe shots – close-ups of the group but focusing on their footwear
    Invite close-up
    Photos involving the family pets
    Photo booth candid shots

  2. thanks so much!!! that's a great list!

  3. you can ask the photographer to bring a master check list (all should have them) about what pictures you want them to take. You check what you want off and the photographer does it. You should as him/her.


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