First Look

I need some input:

How do you feel about having the "first look" happen before the ceremony?


I really love the idea of being able to see each other before the ceremony and really enjoy each other before the craziness takes off. We'd be able to take our pictures, and imagine the really great pictures that could be taken of both of our reactions, right away. I feel like it'd be true emotion and excitement and we'd be able to hug and really be in the moment without being nervous or in front of 150 people.

We'd be able to take our formal pictures and the bridal party pictures before the ceremony. Which means we'd be able to join our cocktail hour and join all our guests...

It sounds fantastic... doesn't it?

Then why don't more people do it? Is there a catch, I'm not seeing. I know it's not too traditional. Is that the only reason? I know so many people who are married who now regret that they didn't do a first look -- their complaints range from: they don't remember their groom's facial expression, they didn't notice his expression, it happened too quickly, they were too nervous and they just don't remember walking down the aisle at all.

I want to remember it all.. and I think that if we saw each other beforehand, I'd have more of a chance to remember all the little things. Make sense?


  1. i'm so so torn on this :( im one of the traditional brides - with two photographers and 2 videographers....there's bound to be photos of both of our expressions - i HOPE! haha

    my fiance, however, is SO nervous...he is all for the first look...

  2. I'm more on the walk down the aisle first look. nothing tops the first look with everyone watching. I'm traditional, even though we didn't have a traditional wedding due to the military.

  3. LOVE this idea :) I am all for it! Can't wait for your big day love you xoxo

  4. thanks for your responses!! i'm still so torn, i'll have to put much more thought into this! =)


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