Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King, Jr.

I'm still pretty much in love & obsessed with my shoe purchase!

And today was really successful, too!

I figured out the hotel fiasco. Remember how they wouldn't call/email me back.. and weren't helpful?

WELL! I found a hotel that did email me back, and was helpful! So I'm going to sign the contract and mail it back tomorrow! So I consider that as an accomplishment!

I called a shuttle service and they were so helpful and pretty reasonable with pricing so now I just need to make a decision!

I emailed our photographer about having a first look photo session! We're going to do it! I know it's not traditional and not the norm... but I think it's so cute!

And my bridesmaid/cousin Lindsey found me a make-up person! I have a trial set for March 19th... which is also my bridal shower so I'll look all fancy! ;)

Today was great! Great, great, great.

And now for some Twilight & bed. Yay!


  1. I love the shoes as well as the picture of Millie & Frankie with the shoes! Have you tried them on with the dress yet?

  2. thank you!!

    i haven't tried them on with the dress, yet! maybe this weekend! it's kind of a process to take the dress out of the bag...


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