It's our wedding year!

Sorry for the lack of posts. I'm back at work this week after two and a half weeks off, I just got my wisdom teeth removed & we're moving so between those things the computer has been a little far from reach.

But I found out this week that our venue will be scheduling our food tasting very soon! I can't wait!!

I've also decided that after the move I'll have to head on over to those hotels that never called me back and talk to someone in person. Annoying.

Hope your new year is going well. I can't wait for things to settle down next week -- expect regular updates again!


  1. i just scheduled a post about it being our year too!!

    working in higher ed, i too had nearly 2 weeks off...but now i'm back in action and life is once again hectic and the planning is certainly getting nuttier with making sure all the little details get the attention they deserve. our tasting is 1/23 :)

  2. i read it! it's so exciting, isn't it?

    i'm a teacher, too -- the breaks are lovely but you become a little attached to the days off ;)

    your tasting is so soon! i can't wait to read your post about it! i'm sure i can expect one!

  3. YAY! :) And I forgive you for being away. ;)


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