It's snowing!

It's snowing quite a lot here in Massachusetts. We have about 15 inches or so and the snow doesn't seem to be ready to stop anytime soon.

Snow... is absolutely not for me.

I don't like being cold.

But, today is a snow day!

So it almost makes me feel grateful for all the snow that is falling. But I know... that tonight after the snow stops and the temperatures drop... that snow is going to freeze. And tomorrow, will not be a snow day but rather a day I risk my life on icy roads to get to work. Tomorrow is the day that usually laughs at today, and says "ha-ha, wait to see what's in store".

But, instead of complain, completely about what's happening outside -- I'll take today to do some things I need to do.

Remember how we moved? Well, I finally got around to changing our addresses on our registries today. So that's an accomplishment. I've called hotels -- you know, they didn't call me back. I've looked on the knot, to see my to-do list (it's pretty long, I must say). I keep checking my email, to see if our tasting date has been chosen (it hasn't). And I'm brainstorming how to bring our first payment to our venue -- since it's due Friday (yikes!).

While I was on the knot - I found some things I looove! So, to replace my feelings of hatred for the snow -- I thought I'd share some winter-y wedding things & tell myself... that there is some beauty in the awfulness falling from the sky.

All images are from theknot.com

Happy Snow Day! [Even though I know what will happen, tomorrow!]


  1. I love all the weddings things you posted, especially the cake haha, looks so good.

    And congrats on you and your groom-to-be. You guys seem so cute together, can't wait to see how the wedding progresses!

    Following you:)

  2. thank you! i know, doesn't that cake look great?!


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