Although I went to the mall today to find a shower dress, I ended up at DSW, and bought......

My wedding shoes!

I know they're not blue, like I said I wanted. And they aren't any of the shoes I've posted about. But when I walked into DSW they were the first shoe that caught my eye. I was drawn to them and couldn't resist trying them on. First, I tried on the 7's and they were a little tight, so I tried on the 7.5. They fit really well but just to make sure I tried the 8's which fell right off of my foot they were so huge!

Not having anyone with me, I sent my mom a picture, quickly...

And just like that, I bought them! Normally, I stand and think, and hold and put back down, and walk around and come back, and stare at the shelf. But today... no, no. Not today. I tried them on, held them, walked around quickly, just to say I looked around, found the register, asked about the return policy (you know, in case they don't match THE dress), paid and left. Just.Like.That.



Oh yeah & when I got to my parents house I had a photo shoot with their dachshunds. [they are absolutely staring at the pieces of chicken my mom is holding!] So cute!

Happy Sunday!


  1. you have no idea how much I am drooling over those shoes...


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