Dirty Dancing.

Sean and I have picked our first dance song. Yay!

However, the other night we tried to dance to it... and we need help! Serious assistance...

Okay, we know how to sway as if we were at a middle school dance... and we know how to move as if we were at a club. But that "happy medium"... of dancing at our own reception with all eyes on us... we can't find it.

Luckily, last winter while I was attending bridal show upon bridal show I must have put my email down for a company that offers dance classes to couples. Fate? I think so.

The company is Boston Ballroom Dance Center and they are offering a "wedding crash course" dance class Feb. 13 for $125 a couple.

Unfortunately, I don't quite think I'm ready to venture out into the world of dance (never having taken a single dance class) with a group of complete strangers.

So private lessons... here we come!

It costs $400 per couple to have 5 private dance lessons including 1 introductory class. I'm pretty sold...

I mean, even though I'd love for our dance to be choreographed like the last dance in Dirty Dancing... I don't think it'll happen. And I'm okay with that.


  1. i loved dance classes in high school. You'll have a great time, don't worry!

  2. whoa that seems expensive! pat and i took one class and for our first dance didnt really bother following what we learned too much.

    what's the song!!


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