Food Tasting.

Last Wednesday, we had our food tasting and it was really fun!

Now, I'm not one to try food. Period.

I eat food as if I were a 5 year old. Chicken nuggets, pasta with shaker cheese - and basically food on my plate may not touch the other food on my plate. Get the picture? Yeah.

So, when I thought about a food tasting, I thought more along the lines of, "well, I'll bring as many people with me as possible so that I will have to try less things...". Which is exactly what I did!

We brought our parents, my cousin & bridesmaid Lindsey and Sean's brother & groomsman Jamie. so there was 8 of us in total... enough to fill an entire table.

When we walked into the venue the room was set up with different styles at each table - different centerpieces, place settings, colors, chairs, everything. I think it was so show lots of options and they had uplighting (which I love!). They had some companies there they must work closely with like a traveling beauty company, photographers, a cake bakery, etc. Luckily, I have all those things worked out but it was cool they offered them. They had their invitation books out so you could flip through and all the napkin colors to choose from if you felt like making a decision... we didn't.

After sitting down and chatting for a little while, the appetizers starting coming out. Lots of them were really great! In my opinion, they would be considered "normal" food - which I enjoyed. Of course, there was some shrimp option, I declined:

And some curry thing that I passed on to Sean (he loved it, so it'll probably make an appearance on July 16th), but for the most part I think it's going to be really hard to choose just a few to serve at our cocktail hour.

After that there was a salad course. It.was.so.good. And the presentation... well...

It's a cucumber wrap salad. It was really great.

Next we were served bread baskets which gave us a purpose to use the fancily designed butter on our table... the whole night I thought it was whipped cream but thought that would have been a little strange.

After, it was time for the buffet. There was so much food. Lots of food... there was no way I was trying. By the end of the line, my plate looked like this:

I guess it looks a little better than I thought. I sort of filled it with rice... which was great! But you know what wasn't great? That bright red nonsense of beef. Ugh I don't like that...

Sean's plate looked a little more full:

He made sure to take the fish. That red meat makes me sick even looking at it through a picture. Gross.

So basically our menu went from looking like this:

To this:

Luckily, someone else at the table had a pen!

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