Happy Valentine's Day!

I got a surprise at work today ;)

The iPhone doesn't really capture the pretty RED vase. It's beautiful!

This note accompanied my gifts...

1. The very first time Sean gave me flowers... I attempted to hold the vase (to prevent it from spilling) while driving and got into an accident... in his driveway... hit his brother's car... and it cost about $4,000 in damages... oops! So now, every time he gives me flowers he makes a joke about it ;)

2. Yes, we call each other "Nerbit" -- all the time... I actually would laugh out loud if I heard him call me "Jasmine".

I hope everyone is having... or had a great Valentine's Day!

I got this special treat from a child in my classroom today. So sweet! And Jacin, I now completely understand the obsession with mason jars!


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  1. ahhh LOVE it!!!!! and love the story behind the "cars" comment too :)


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