New York City

I've been pretty neglectful of the blog recently. I don't have an excuse.

Last weekend we went to New York City. We stayed in Times Square and the hotel was pretty nice. We enjoyed leaving the window open at night to listen to the screaming people/sirens/beeping NYC drivers below. There's no sarcasm there... we actually left it open in 20 degree weather because we thought it was that funny.

We went out to eat, a lot and walked around even more. We visited the Museum of Modern Art, walked through Central Park, had "the best chicken wings in NYC" from Atomic Wings, walked some more, spent $30 on a breakfast consisting of a muffin and some coffee, saw Rockefeller Center and went to "top of the rock", strolled through Times Square and walked even more. We took an enjoyable (?) ride on the subway and ate cupcakes at multiple bakeries. Did I mention we walked a lot, and it was in the teens (weather wise).

It was amazing but next year, we've decided we'll change it up a bit and go during April rather than February.

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