So the honeymoon travel plans are a little confusing to me.

I've been looking, emailing, and questioning multiple places.

1. Go Ahead Tours - This seems like a great option!... Except these are "tour" vacations as in you're with a group... which is so far from what I hope to be doing that I don't even want to entertain their emails anymore.

2. Exploring Ireland - This site seems pretty legit. They offer self-drive tours (!), and their prices are pretty reasonable EXCEPT they don't include airfare. Which makes their prices UNREASONABLE... because it'll cost us about $2,000 to fly from Boston to Dublin (where the "tour" begins). And obviously we could try to get flights on a no-name airline, or have multiple layovers... but, we're on a budget, a time schedule and want to get there... not land in the Atlantic. I'd like to stick with Aer Lingus. ;)

3. AAA - I filled out an inquiry with them, oh... about 2 weeks ago. No response. And yes, I'm a member ;) so we'll see what happens with them. I began thinking maybe they are a company that works better when you go into their local office. So I might try that.

4. Sceptre Tours - This seems like the site for us! It's very reasonable and it includes flights, hotels/B&B's, a car, insurances, taxes... and is still a decent price. I mean it's nothing like the deal above from travelzoo! Unfortunately, those deals require you to travel within a certain period of time... and that certain period of time is not when we'd like to travel.

I can't wait to actually be able to say that it's booked!

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