111 days and counting!

Good afternoon!

I have a couple things going on today =)

First, I would like to thank Jacin over at Lovely Little Details for writing a beautiful post about my shower! It's so exciting and I'm so happy that other people find my bridal shower to be as fun and pretty as I do! =)

It truly was the best day!

Next I'm happy to say that my thank you cards for said bridal shower were mailed out Friday (6 days after the event -- pats self on back) and that most of my local guests should have received them or will be receiving them tomorrow (let's go USPS!). I forgot to take pictures of the actual thank you cards =( but just know they were from Paper Source and so cute!

I have to admit that if it weren't for my two week vacation I would probably still be writing those thank you's...

The other day I went to a scrapbook store in preparation for this year's scrapbook weekend! This is one of the books I made last year!

But anyway, when I got to the store I realized that because I'm so close to the wedding now [111 days, to be exact] I can start some DIY projects! I'm so thrilled & can't wait!

Oh, and while at Target the other day I saw this:

...I fell into temptation and made an additional purchase! I told myself I wouldn't buy any more magazines since almost everything is online, anyway. But I couldn't help myself and there's just something about having the actual magazine to hold -- and then cut apart to add to my inspiration folder!



  1. proud of you for being so quick on your thank you notes! thats awesome :)

  2. Good for you for already having the thank you notes sent! I did good at first, then gradually started slacking a little more after each shower. Haha.

  3. yay for fast thank-yous! i did mine the day after the shower and people definitely noticed! and yay for the martha details mag :)

  4. Just went through all your shower posts, and wow what an amazing shower you mom and aunt threw! The decorations and deserts and all the details were simply amazing! Glad I found your blog!! Feel free to check in on mine!!

  5. oh and stop by to grab a "featured" badge if you'd like! http://jacinandpat.blogspot.com/p/submissions.html

  6. So good of you to get to those thank you notes already! Don't you just love Ms. Martha!!!

  7. Saw your shower on Lovely Little Details and had to stop by...your shower was so beautiful and so are you! What a cute couple you are. I love your scrapbook from last yr, I have so many of those stickers you used! :) Cant wait to start following you! Have a great day and congrats!

  8. I loved going through wedding magazines and cutting out things for inspiration! SO FUN!


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