Bed, Bath and Beyond Blues

When we registered for gifts I read up about certain stores and found out all their ins & outs regarding registry return policies, completion programs, rewards, etc.

For instance, I didn't register at Target because I read such horrible reviews of their store policies -- I knew I wanted to choose Crate & Barrel and Macy's and the dishes I wanted were from Bed, Bath and Beyond. So I had already sort of picked my three stores -- which meant that my love for Target got pushed aside for adorable things at Crate & Barrel, beautiful china at Macy's and my everyday dishes from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Another thing we registered for at BB&B were our suitcases!

I saw them and loved them! And we actually got them!!

But... do you see how they come in 3 sizes? Well, the largest one... is large. And I mean ENORMOUS. As in I could fit inside of it. So after debating whether or not we should keep it... how heavy it would be if it were actually filled with clothes... and designating Sean as the one who would be lifting/holding/moving/in charge of the suitcase -- we opted to exchange it for the middle-sized suitcase.

Here's where I'm annoyed:

I brought it back to BB&B [with the proper receipts] hoping to just swap it with the medium size. Unfortunately... they didn't have one in stock at this particular store. So I had to order it. Fine -- I understand that.

What I don't understand... is why I have to pay for shipping for said suitcase... that I traveled to the store to purchase.

It's not my fault they don't have the item in stock & it's not my fault they don't offer site to store shipping (most stores offer this at no charge).

Although the price difference between the medium and large suitcases was about $20 adding shipping onto that reduced rate pretty much brought the total back up to the original price! & after tax was included I almost had to pay money!

Luckily, she allowed me to apply a coupon to the purchase (thank goodness I threw one in my bag before leaving the house!) so there was actually a price difference.

BUT THEN... they gave me my store credit... and it was a paper receipt! PAPER! Like, as in it printed from the register tape roll. WHAT BED, BATH & BEYOND?! Why are you acting like it's not 2011.

I'm thoroughly disappointed.

All I can say is: it's a good thing I love those suitcases & the ink on my store credit better not fade away!



  1. That is so crazy! I can't believe you had to pay shipping. Boo bb&b

    Thank you for the well wishes. I am curled up with my cup of tea and feeling better already :)

  2. i'm so upset to hear about you bb&b experience! other than that, would you register again with them if you needed to? we were thinking of registering there

  3. wow that is annoying! I'm registered at BB&B but will keep this story in mind if I have to return anything

  4. I've heard to pass on Target too. Smart choice girl. Amazing post. Thanks so much for sharing. Don't forget to check out Lauren Conrad's unaired promo to the show MTV decided not to pick up. Exclusively at...


  5. That's a load of crap that you had to pay shipping. Bad customer service for sure. At least the suitcases are cute!

  6. It was so annoying!

    But even still, I would register with them if I was to start over! Just because it's so convenient... the stores are almost everywhere and they send coupons all the time so it makes things more affordable.

  7. I can't believe you didn't register for any Pizza Cake! One can never have enough Pizza Cake!


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