Bridal shower recap: part 2

Hopefully you got a chance to check out my post about my bridal shower decorations. If not, here you go!

My shower, this past Saturday, was a dessert shower. So while there were a few food/lunch options (which we'll get to later in the week!) the main course, if you will, were treats.

Mostly they were from Konditor Meister, where our wedding cake will be from! They were absolutely delicious and these bride and groom covered strawberries were by far my favorite!

How cute?!?!

The desserts were portioned out into mini shot glasses, mini martini glasses, mini beer mugs... pretty much, imagine everything you've ever seen... now imagine it in "mini" form and know that we had it holding a dessert. They were amazing!

All the desserts had these fancy name cards so that everyone knew what they were getting themselves into!

This cake is my favorite!! It's the same as the bottom tier of our wedding cake! =)

I love these cupcakes! And I love the little bride and groom decorations, too!

Amazing, right?!

Tomorrow's post will include EVEN more decor, our beverage stations and then the gifts. Oh the gifts...


  1. dear jasmine's family, please invite me to your next gathering :)

  2. =)

    yay!! i'm glad you like the pictures!!! it was so much fun!

  3. i'm with jacin...your fam needs to throw ME a shower! i love all the decorations and food and tiny details! ugh...can i borrow them? lol

  4. wow!! this shower is above and beyond amazing!!

  5. hahah i'm so glad you approve! =)


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