Bridal shower recap: part 3

I have another shower recap for you today! You can check out recaps one and two here & here.

I seriously had the most amazing time! After each post, I realize there are even more pictures that I want to show!

So here it goes:

I loved these straws the very first time I saw them! One side of the tag says, "Love is sweet" and the other side says, "7.16.11"!

The desserts and drinks all had name tags.

Along with the invitation, my mom sent a request to bring a recipe to the shower. Here is the basket where everyone placed their recipes! Hopefully, now I'll learn to cook... Oh, and the chair covers! Yeah, they were all re-covered to match the shower colors. Amazing...

Sean's mom brought me these flowers and they are so beautiful! They're now in my bedroom!

Feather decorations!

Don't these look fake?! They were so pretty -- people didn't know they were real!

Ah! These strawberries, again. Luckily, we have some left over and I've been eating one [a few] a day.

Cute water bottles!

Glasses all lined up... ready for the taking! Do you remember this post about champagne glass name tags? Well, they're in the picture... can you spot them?! Oh, and all these tissue poms in each picture... my aunt hand-made them... each and every one!

Favors! Inside there were yummy Godiva chocolates!

Now that I've shown you all the details of the shower -- I feel like I can actually tell you about it!

Be sure to check back tomorrow!


  1. I LOVE THOSE STRAWS! i've been eyeing them for so long on other blogs. *sigh* i'm so jealous of your fun shower!

  2. no, seriously..... please invite me to your next shindig :)

    i want to feature this thing!!!! it was gorgeous :)

  3. yay! =)

    consider yourself invited!!

    ps: i would love if you featured it!

  4. Loving all the pink and champagne and girliness! Glad you've got some good girls around you :)

  5. thank you =)

    it was truly amazing! thanks for stopping by!


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