Bridal shower recap: part 4

When my mom and aunt started planning my shower, I knew I would love it. But I didn't comprehend what having a bridal shower actually meant. I only thought about the decorations and who would be able to come -- and then my imagination sort of stopped. I had no idea what it would be like.

Saturday morning, I woke up really early. Too early, actually and I laid in bed until my alarm starting going off at 6:30. After getting ready, Sean dropped me off at my cousin [& bridesmaid] Lindsey's house so we could go get our makeup done. The sweetest girl did my makeup and I'm so happy to say that I loved it so much that I booked her right then and there for the day of my wedding! It was a perfect experience and I can't wait to tell you more on this later!

We headed to my mom's house right after and when I walked in -- there were plenty of cameras waiting for me! I was SO excited.

Nothing was necessarily a surprise [as in being kept a secret from me] but I didn't know about that much stuff. So when I walked in I couldn't believe it! I almost cried and if I didn't just get my makeup done I probably would have allowed myself to shed some tears!

After I looked around and saw every little detail, we took some pictures in the spot where I'd be opening gifts. I wanted to know how I should sit...

We decided that something like this would be appropriate =)

Do you remember when my MOH's mailed me a package in this post? Well, I wore the shirt they made me to get my makeup done. It was very cute and sweet of them!

Then I decided that I should get ready and change my outfit in case we had any early bird arrivals.

Once I changed I posed with some of my bridesmaids:

And then I walked around trying to eat! I was starving but didn't want to ruin any of the displays before people saw! If I was to give a word of advice to brides -- I would say, "MAKE SURE TO EAT SOMETHING!" I definitely need to remember this for the wedding day!

And the last thing to do was to wait for my guests to arrive!

More tomorrow!


  1. aww jasmine i love your shower so much. i cant wait til your next post!


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