Bridal shower recap: part 6

I knew I wanted Sean to make an appearance at the shower for a few reasons.

1. His family (and mine!) would love to see him
2. He NEEDED to see these decorations
3. He WANTED to try the desserts
4. I knew he wouldn't understand the amount of gifts (ha!)

So I told him to stop by around 5:00... which gave the ladies plenty of time to mingle, eat, do the gift thing, cut the cake... etc. Oh! Here's me cutting the cake... except I didn't know how to do it so Sean's mom helped! I swear there's an art to cake-cutting...

When he arrived we took some pics!

Funny thing, I purposely saved a few gifts so that he could have the pleasure of opening some... but looking through the pictures I'm realizing -- I opened them, anyways... oops!

And my last post will be what the invitation looked like!! Maybe tonight... possibly tomorrow. it depends how fast these thank you's get written! (they will go in the mail today, they will go in the mail today!)



  1. omg you guys are adorable! i've got to get a jump on re-capping my shower! the decorations were truly amazing...very talented decorator whoever did it!

  2. i love these pictures! again, i absolutely love the decorations you had at your bridal shower. :)

    p.s., i left you an award on my page!


  3. thank you!!! YES, please recap your shower!! i need to see!!!

    && THANK YOU! i saw and i am sooo excited! =)


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