I've told myself that I'll book our honeymoon by the end of the week. Well, it's Thursday now. Technically the end of the week is tomorrow.

So this afternoon I'm going to call the company I'd like to book through and ask some questions. What am I going to ask? -- I'm not really sure.

I feel like I have a million questions, but none that I can actually verbalize.

I kind of feel like that about wedding planning, too. There's so much stuff that things are sort of meshing together.

March is going to be busy. First of all, we're pretty close to our 4 month mark. Oh yes.

This week we're going to our second dance class.
Next week we'll pick out invitations.
The following weekend is my bridal shower.

I can't wait!

I've been receiving bridal shower gifts, left & right. They are being mailed to my parent's house and because I wasn't sure what to do with them (open right away vs. save until the shower)... I compromised! (with myself...)

Anytime someone calls to tell me I got a gift in the mail, I have them open the box (just a little!)... to feel for a note. As soon as they tell me who it's from, I mail a thank you card to that person... explaining how excited I am that I received a gift but that I'll wait to open it until my shower -- and then send a formal thank you note after the 19th.

It's kind of a compromise, right?


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