Invitation Preparation

In preparation of looking through and hopefully choosing our invitations next weekend - I've been googling. A lot.

I'm sort of "Knotted" out. As in The Knot... isn't really impressing me lately. Maybe it's because I've been staring at the site for a year and half now (and not much has seemed to change). I don't know.

I visit Martha Stewart's wedding site frequently and it's where the beautiful stationery to the left was found. I love it.

But I found the most useful information on Emily Post Weddings.

I loved reading through everything. I actually read it for hours today. There's so much to think about: invitation wording, how to address the invitation to your guests... if they're not married but live together; if they're single but bringing a guest; if they're together but live separately. I mean it shouldn't be this complicated!

One idea that I really liked and plan on starting tomorrow is to write each guest's correct name with their proper title and address on separate index cards. I think this will be better than a spreadsheet. I found that when I was trying to organize addresses for our save the dates, the spreadsheet was really hard to read. There were so many names, and even though the font was a normal size sometimes I would confuse the lines and have to start again. So to have index cards for each person/couple is going to be my next task. Maybe it'll truly be successful. ;)

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