They've come!

OUR INVITATIONS have come.... to my email box.

I've made changes and should get the final proof this week (hopefully)!

And then I'll have them in my hands in 7-10 days! AHHHHH! It'll totally feel real at that point.

Not to say that it doesn't feel real now... but once I'm holding an invitation with our names on it... it'll be legit. You know?!

Here's a teeny-tiny sneak peak:



  1. I love the color and I love that your last name, guessing, starts with a D! :) Because my first name starts with a D! Thanks for following my blog!

  2. I am so excited for you!! I LOVE my invitations!

  3. EEEEEEEEEEEE! I am excited for you! I also love monograms :)

  4. thank you!!! ;)

    and yes, my last name will start with a D very soon!

  5. My last name will start with a D very soon too!! I can't wait to see them and yes, it DOES feel real when you have the invitations in hand!


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