Wedding Pictures.

When I starting researching wedding planning, one of things I noticed [almost] everyone recommending was finding actual wedding pictures that you'd like to "re-create".

I decided I'd post some of the ones in my "wedding photo inspiration" folder. Here's the thing... I'm a quick "save picture as..." person but a pretty much non-existent "this is where I found the picture" person.

So I'm truly sorry for "borrowing" these photos... but they're beautiful!

Cute, right?

I wish every picture on the internet had the photographers "stamp" on - so it would be easy to just throw it into a Google search and find the link all over again. Oh, one day internet. One day.

In bridal shower news -- I got my hair done today and hopefully will get my nails done within the next 2 days. ;)

One of my MOH's will be coming from California tomorrow and I'm so excited! It's becoming really, really real at this point.

I've been on vacation for 4 days and I've already accomplished some of the things on my "vacation to-do list":

- Invitations
- Bridal party gifts
- Choose jewelry for myself (assuming my mom's jewelry matches my dress next time I try it on - then it would work as my "something borrowed" too!)
- Practice wedding dance
- Pick readings
- Make programs
- Practice walking in my wedding shoes
- Choose our food
- Table names/numbers
- Choose music

It's looking pretty good. ;)


  1. i want to get married again just so I can have amazing photos!

  2. they are so pretty! i hope mine turn out as beautiful as these ones!


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