DIY projects

I really want to start making some of the DIY crafts I plan on having at the ceremony and reception.

So far this is my list:

Ceremony programs: I plan on following one of these online tutorials -- I can't figure out which one...




Escort cards: I think it would be cute to do something like this:


I'd like to take these pictures at the lighthouse where we got engaged. And I think I want to use wooden numbers (spray painted... some color). We're going to take these pictures the next time we are up in Maine (Easter weekend).

Guest book: Sean plays lead guitar in a band and guitars are pretty much everywhere in our house. So I think it would be fitting to have a guitar as a guest book like this:

I'm not really sure this is a DIY project, exactly. But Sean's friend [and groomsman] Jacob is hand-making the guitar for us. So even though it's not a do-it-yourself sort of deal... it's kind of a stay-on-top-of-things sort of deal or else it may be forgotten...

Something blue: I love these stickers and think they would be great as a little something blue on the wedding day!


I'm also going to make:

- a banner to hang at our sweet heart table during our reception
- a "thank you" sign so we can take pictures with it for our thank you cards
- menu cards

I guess I should get started...


  1. love diy! I can't wait to hear about all your projects!

  2. So much DIY! Love it:-) That was one of my favorite parts about my wedding! Getting super crafty! xoxo

  3. DIY is my favorite! I really like your ideas for the escort cards. Can't wait to see all of your finished products!!

  4. I love the stickers on the bottom of the shoes! That is precious!!

  5. I LOVE escort cards. I think that idea is so cool. And good job on the DIY projects. I was never crafty enough to try that on my own.

  6. I love the guitar guest book idea. Those ideas are all super cute and very personalized to you two as a couple.


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