DIY table numbers

I ventured into DIY land today and made the first of our table numbers. I wasn't positive if I would love these, so I decided to only buy the materials to make one plaque. I chose table 15.

First I made sure to have everything for the project:

I really wanted to back the numbers on a piece of paper to give the surface a little bit of texture... so to make sure the paper had the same oval shape as the plaque I used my finger to crease the paper:

I only wanted the paper on the flat surface of the plaque, not the edges because then I thought the plaque would lose some appeal:

I cut out the oval (luckily I have a steady hand!):

After I cut out the oval I made sure it fit nicely on the piece of wood I had. Turns out the oval wasn't exactly perfect so the paper had to be placed a certain way in order to fit perfectly:

I placed the numbers on just to see:

And then I had to move this project outside. It may not have been the best day to do this since it was freezing and we're in a wind advisory (not really good when you're working with spray paint!):

I chose silver for the numbers because I thought it would stick out against the pink background:

I waited for everything to dry (it didn't take long) and then used scrapbooking tape to stick the paper to the plaque... and Elmer's wood glue to stick the numbers to the paper. I eyeballed the placement of the numbers. I think they look pretty good, if the glue hadn't dried so quickly I would have placed the 5 a little higher:

I was pretty excited with how it turned out. We spent the rest of the day traveling to different Michaels in the area (and not so much in the area) to find the correct size and shape of the wooden plaques. We still need 7 more so it looks like that's what I'll be doing tomorrow.

I'll also be buying different pink papers for each plaque... I want them to be different but with a similar color scheme (pink!).

They were so easy to make... but I wouldn't say it's necessarily a cheap project.

Of course, I could have gotten cheaper materials... but with our time crunch (they need to be done by next Friday for something I'll share later) there wasn't really any time to search around.

Luckily with coupons I barely paid full price for any of the plaques (regularly $4.99). And if I had waited until tomorrow to buy all the table numbers (which I bought today) I could have saved a great deal on those (with a coupon)... but I was too impatient and really wanted them spray painted today.

I hope to buy more plaques tomorrow so I can get the rest of them finished and then I can move on to our love banner. =)

I missed the plaque a few times and got my fingers instead! Thankfully after lots of washing my hand is back to normal:


  1. I love it it looks so great!!!

  2. It looks fabulous!

  3. Hi, I just found your blog through Mackey Madness. And I'm so glad I did, your wedding looks like it's going to be lots of fun! And now I'm all excited because you're going on honeymoon to Ireland, and I live in Ireland! Hopefully you'll have a great time over here!

  4. Oh my gosh, these are SO adorable!! I love them! Love that you are doing the bright pink. That was my wedding color, too!! Great job!!

  5. yay! thanks!! i love how they turned out =)

  6. so great! This is actually almost exactly the type of table number I was first imagining I would have..but then I ended up going a different route. Also: How will you stand the plaques up?


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