Double digits

It's pretty crazy that we've been engaged and planning our wedding for as long as we have been -- but I just went to The Knot and was notified that we have 98 days left.

Ninety-eight! That's double digits! We started with more than 450 days (I think)... and we only have 98 days left. =)

This week, I picked up my invitations and I have to say -- I didn't love them, at first.

(I'm not posting pictures, yet!)

When I chose them, I remember being in awe and pretty positive that they were "the ones". And when I got the proof I was really sure that I loved them. But when I got them on Thursday -- I was really disappointed.

But I've been looking at them for [now] the past 2 days (I couldn't post about this earlier, because I was so sad)... and I guess they're growing on me.

At first, I was upset about the coloring and the actual "layout" of the invitation. I thought I was getting something a little different than the sample invitation... but when they came they were identical to the one the place showed me -- and my disappointment just grew.

I didn't cry but if Sean wasn't with me I probably could have! He just kept saying, "they're great!" and "I like them!" and I was all, "yeah, but you don't LOVE them!" and he was all, "well, they're just invitations..."

& I guess it's true.

But basically before I stuff, address and stamp all these babies... I need to have a serious "chopping" and possibly "matting" session. Which will be fine, I just didn't expect having to do it.

I'm sure they'll end up looking great and the way I want them.

I hope.

And if not, I'll just keeping repeating "well, they're just invitations" over & over [& over again] until I believe it. =)


  1. They'll be perfect :) !

  2. They will come out beautiful! How exciting, you are almost there!! 98 days!!!1

  3. They will look great!! Emotions run high as it gets closer! I am going through the same kinds of things! It will turn out!

  4. jasmine...you have a knack for creativity and i know you can fix them to be as gorgeous as you want them to be! don't be discouraged. i promise they'll turn out amazing when you fix them up. and if you don't fix them up...they'll still be awesome! ;) cheer up girlie!

  5. Awwww, that stinks! Seriously though, I know it's hard to believe...but they really are JUST invitations and when the wedding is over, you won't really care about them. Haha.

    I bet they are precious, though!

  6. I just found your blog and LOVE it! I read your posts and I think, "hey, that sounds like me" or "I feel like I've had those thoughts before"... SOOOO, I'm your newest follower!

    If you'd like, my blog is www.jasonandlexi.blogspot.com... stop on by!


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