Fine China

Oh, I'm sorry... did I forget to mention my fancy china that I'm utterly in love with and talk about all the time -- as in every day [legit].

Well, let me just say that registering for china was something that we really thought argued about. Sean felt pretty strongly that it would be wasted, that we rarely have over people/that the people we have over aren't into fancy plates, and that it would inevitably just take up space... space that we don't actually have.

So, I registered for it... and took it off the registry... and registered for it again... and took it off the registry again... and pretty much went back and forth for a while.

Ultimately, I decided to leave the china on our list for a number of reasons:

1. I loved the pattern
2. China is not an item I would buy myself
3. I felt that if I didn't get it now... I never would
4. I fully intend on having people over... in order to use the china
5. I wanted it

Okay, so the last reason is kind of a childish excuse... and I sort of vetoed his opinion in this situation but really?! I wanted china. And I felt like why shouldn't we have nice things? We can have a dinner party just like anybody else! And one day we will! (hopefully!)

So at my shower I was so excited to see that we received some china... 5, count'em FIVE, sets of china to be exact. Pretty sweet!

The set is the Kate Spade Larabee Road collection (we're registered at Macy's but they're available lots of places). Along with the china sets, we received our toasting flutes [that we'll use at our wedding!] and a few goblets... I couldn't be more excited [or grateful] about this!


  1. Oh I am in polka dot heaven! I am all for fancy china! I sometimes eat my breakfast on it just because it's pretty! Good for you! :)

  2. I am in love with Kate. These are so beautiful and classic!

  3. how adorable! i'd eat on those all the time if i had them.

  4. Love them! Fancy china turns any meal into such fun and puts you in a good mood!!

  5. love these! we have the dessert larabee plates that work perfect with our wedgewood platinum rimmed china!

  6. oh my gosh i am in LOVE with your china! adorable. i love the polka dots!
    i am new to your blog and loving it!

  7. THANK YOU! i love it SOO much. i want to eat off it every day haha.

  8. What gorgeous china!! And you will definitely use them for all those dinner parties you will be having. I am still unsure if we will be registereing for china either but you may have convinced me to do so!


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