My last bridal show

I've been to a number of bridal shows and wedding expos since we've been engaged. In the beginning of our engagement actually, I was going to them every weekend AND sometimes on weeknights. I was crazy. But then after we chose our venue there didn't seem to be a need to continue going to them so obsessively.

However, today at OUR venue where we are getting married (in 97 days) -- there's a bridal show.

I just found out about it yesterday and at first I was like "ehh..." but then I found out they are raffling off $10,000. Yes, ten thousand dollars. Imagine? Winning $10,000 towards your wedding... that would be amazing.

So even though the chances of winning are pretty slim... and I have all my vendors which means I really have no reason for spending a few hours there today... my logic is that someone is going to win. And why couldn't that be me?

;) Thanks for all your kind words about my invitations. They're growing on me. I swear.


  1. Good Luck! I am keeping my fingers crossed!!

  2. That has ALWAYS been my logic! SOMEONE has to win, why couldn't it be me?? Hope you do win!!


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