Table top stands

I'm making some progress on my table numbers.

I said some... so what if I'm a procrastinator? I have 3 days until I need them finished. Again -- you'll see why I need them done so quickly even though we're still (I say that very lightly) 88 days away.

I was asked how I will keep these fancy things standing up on my tables by the lovely Laura over at Saying "I do" and while I haven't actually purchased anything... this is my plan. ;)

See these:

They're actually plate stands but I thought they'd be perfect for something like this because they won't take away from the table number (cause you'll barely see them) and if they're meant to hold up plates they must be sturdy enough to hold up a "lightweight" wooden plaque! ;) hopefully...

I've also considered these small easels:

They have similar ones at Michaels (wooden ones, plastic ones, colorful ones). The only thing I've found with these is that they have to be the exact right size or they don't hold the plaque up -- they just topple right over. But they're inexpensive and can always be spray painted (which is probably my new favorite thing... and definitely the best way to "paint") if I decide on a different color.

But that's my plan... and I hope it works out!


  1. I love how they are turning out :)

  2. O my gosh they look so great!

  3. omg you are ROCKING these!! so awesome!

  4. P.S. Thanks for following my blog! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  5. they're coming out so great! i hope you find a good holder for them!

  6. I love your table tops, they're so cute! You're very crafty. I'm getting really excited to see all the rest of your wedding prep now that I've found your blog!

  7. ;) thanks!! i can't wait to find MORE diy projects!

  8. I think those would definitely work perfectly! The stands like that are usually strong enough to hold that up.

  9. excellent idea! thanks for answering my question :) they look fantastic!


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