Unique Shower Gift

I'm still gathering myself and our pictures from this weekend so while I figure all that out... I decided to weigh in on something I was reading over on Lovely Little Details. I'm sure you've read Jacin's latest post about unique gifts for bride-to be's but just in case you don't stalk follow her ;) you should definitely click on over there and see what's going on... it's an amazing blog -- I tell you!

But what I wanted to share is one of my most unique gifts that I received last month at my bridal shower.

One of my mom's best friends, Marjorie, gave me a basket full of candles:

But these aren't just any candles... each candle has a significant reason for being part of the basket -- and along with the gift came a handwritten poem:

A Basket of Candles for Jasmine & Sean

A basket of candles that come in a pair,
In all different colors for you two to share.

The white ones burn first,
They are wrapped in white lace,
To celebrate your first married night - in your new chosen place.

The green pair is taller and also much thinner,
Burn with the first company you have over for dinner.

The dark blue candle is for after your first fight,
Use it to burn while making up all night!
Pink candles set the mood and pave the way,
For your first married Valentine's Day.
Now, when your first year of marriage is through,
The cream anniversary pair will light for you two.
Red candles aflame, both your futures are bright,
Celebrate promotions you've worked toward with all of your might.

By this time we hope, maybe, just maybe,
You can light the purple ones for the birth of your baby!

And just when you thought you'd put these away,
Take the light blue ones out for your 5th anniversary day.

Now just one pair left - for the big twenty-five,
The silver anniversary pair that will keep your love alive.

Congratulations Jasmine and Sean on the start of your forever,
May the two of you always be happy together.
And burn these candles just the way I have said,
But please don't forget - blow them out before bed!


Another wonderful part of this gift was Marjorie reading the poem to me in front of everyone! It was so sweet and definitely a time during the shower craze when everything just stopped and I really got to take it all in -- and that poem really made me think "oh wow, I'm getting married!"

It's perfect! =)


  1. What a cute gift! I love lovely little details

  2. This is such a cute idea! I just love it :)

  3. aw, i love that they captured your reaction to the special gift!!! i love the candles idea, and the fact that it has a special story to go along with it, with meaning, means so much more!!


  4. Awww what a wonderful poem & gift. That is really very thoughtful. Those are the best gifts of all! You look cute in your shower outfit too!

  5. ok that is AWESOME! Mind if I steal this idea and give it as a gift for someone? Totally creative and cool.

  6. it's such a cute idea! i don't mind at all!!

  7. SO creative! I feel like this is something that has to come from someone who is "more mature", or older... however you want to put it, but maybe I'll keep this in my back pocket for 10 years from now. :)


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