Wedding stamps

I'm a little sad right now.

On top of being sick (for now three days!) my mom just confirmed my suspicions that the cost of postage for a typical wedding invitation has [in fact] been raised from .61 cents to .64 cents.

Normally, this wouldn't matter to me. Who sends mail, anyway?

But then I remembered... I send mail! Or at least I'm going to be sending mail! ANY BRIDE WHOSE WEDDING IS IN THREE MONTHS SENDS MAIL!

You may be thinking... "well, it doesn't matter... what's 3 more cents per stamp?". And I understand that... and that's not what I'm upset about...

You see... did I tell you that my grandmother ALREADY bought me all the postage needed for our invitations? Including the stamps for the response cards. The stamps are already in my possession. And I was excited about putting my invitations together this weekend... addressing them and sticking on the stamps:

(apparently usps thinks people are going to print out their stamps so they cross out the price online?)

But now, I have to return the stamps that my grandmother bought for me (hundreds of stamps), and wait for the new ones to arrive -- the ones with the correct postage.

For a stupid 3... THREE, cents per stamp. Ugh. So annoying!

And I'm pretty sure the invitations need to go out in the mail... like any day now?

Luckily, Sean knows just how to cheer me up ;)

And even though it has nothing to do with wedding planning... I leave you with this video that Sean sent me earlier -- because it's probably one of the cutest things I've ever seen:

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