Weekend Decisions

This morning I emailed our videographer to let him know that we won't be able to have uplighting. Wanna know why?!

Because those tiny lights are $95 PER LIGHT.

There are so many things wrong with this.

I understand the lights change with the music, and someone has to set up the lights but $95 per light bulb...

And, if you want more than 10 lights... you can pay $75 per light. Ugh, no thanks.

So sadly, my dreams of having uplighting at the reception will just have to go into the "wait, how much??" part of my brain (along with my dream cake and the flowers I wanted) and my heart will be sad... for a little while.

I also told him that we won't be upgrading our video package at all. Right now, included in our package through our venue we have 7 hours of coverage and 3 edited highlight videos and things like microphones and a couple things that I don't even know what they are...

But when I talked to him he was all 'oh, well if you want to update to HD" (read: extra $750) and "oh, well you should upgrade to having two videographers during the ceremony" (read: extra $500) and when I was talking to him... I was all "Yes, yes I should!". Because, hello... I want everything and when a [good] salesperson is talking to you... you feel like you NEED everything.

But when Sean got home... and reality set in and he was all "what are you talking about" and "that's crazy" I thought "hmm, maybe he's right...."
Sean told me that if the video isn't up to viewing pleasure he would redo it for us (he has all the software -- because this IS what he does... for us, for his band, for other people) and he also said that in 2011 videos should JUST BE SHOT in HD... which is kind of true?

So it is what it is and there will be no upgrades for us.

And I'm okay with that.


  1. Oh I know the "need" feeling! I can't believe the cost of those lights! wow!

  2. Your wedding will be perfect with or without uplighting, HD video and an extra fancy cake. Because in the end it's about the two of you and all the people who will be celebrating it with you.

    :)Love U!

  3. uplighting - eh, whatever. HD video?? i can't believe your video guy doesn't offer that as a standard! our video is only the video you see on our blog, and that was good enough for me. no sound, just music in the background, but seeing the highlights was all we needed!

  4. your videographer sounds kinda pushy. i hope you stick to your guns and just do what's best for you two! plus...you dont HAVE to have uplighting. your wedding will still be amazing if you dont!

  5. thanks ladies! i'm sure it's going to be great, too!

  6. I'm with Sean - it's 2011. My grandmother has an HD video camera. An upcharge is ridiculous for what SHOULD be included. Eek, sorry you're dealing with that. It will all work out in the end :)


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