Winner? Not so much...

Yesterday my mom and I went to that bridal show I was talking about. Do you remember?

Well, I was really excited because they had a raffle... and the prize was $10,000 toward your wedding!

Amazing right? It sounds perfect? Well....

What they failed to mention to me (through email, or in person) was that you could actually only WIN the raffle... if you HAD NOT yet booked your wedding!

UHM?! WHAT? I read the fine print... and that wasn't anywhere in it.

We spent wasted our Sunday afternoon (3.5 hours to be exact!) because they were pretty clear that to be entered you had to arrive early and be present for the drawing at 3:30 (which ended up being more like 4PM).

So we waited around... and waited... and waited... and right before the woman chose a name she said, "of course, if you're already booked here with us you're not eligible to win this prize".

haha. [completely sarcastically].

No, honestly all we could do was laugh. Because, of course, that would happen.

But it wasn't all bad... because my cake bakery was there -- so we ate cake, and my florist was there:

And I got free stuff! Like makeup (great colors... which is rare!), and "his" & "hers" t-shirts! I'm sure they'll be making an appearance on the blog on some point.

All in all... I was disappointed but was able to laugh it off -- the entire ride home.


  1. Those bridal shoes are such a rip off! I had similar experiences with them!

  2. Sorry you didnt find that out until actually being there, thats really not fair. Seems they didnt tell you that until you were there just to get people to come.

    Love that you got his and her tshirts though! :)

  3. Awww, that stinks! But at least you got some freebies! I only went to one bridal show, but I have told everyone that I know that it was NOT worth it. It was insanely crowded and overwhelming...plus I got phone calls for weeks from different things that we had signed up to "win." Yikes!

  4. O! What a bummer!! At least you got some free things and I'm sure it was fun!!

  5. Oye! Sorry that happened. I went to two in the VERY beginning stages and they were very overwhelming and scary! Sadly enough I feel like we will need to go to one more to get some final ideas and talk to some transportation vendors, etc. etc. How nice would that have been to win 10K towards your wedding!

  6. ugh that's annoying, but glad you kept a positive and funny attitude about it!


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