48 days!

Our rehearsal dinner is all booked! ;)

I'm so excited. Our venue only does their rehearsals on Wednesdays and Thursdays so even though our wedding is on a Saturday our rehearsal/rehearsal dinner will be two nights before. I'm a little excited about this because it means that on Friday nothing is planned (except for nails) and that hopefully it'll be a very relaxed and stress-free day (?!). Hopefully...

So after our rehearsal on that Thursday we have reservations at Luciano's. It's an Italian restaurant and we have a private room that has its' own private patio. ;)

Yesterday I put together a list of all the "must-have photos" for our photographer. It's a really long list... like really long. Most of the list is comprised of all the different combinations of people for our formal pictures. But I wrote everything down because I don't want to forget ANYONE: like at my shower I don't have a single picture of me and my matron of honor! WHAT were we thinking?! Things get busy and you forget... honestly. So I don't want that mistake to happen at the wedding!

And I figured out all our ceremony music. I would have loved to have someone play the piano, guitar, violin, etc., but it's just not in our budget. So, I'm putting my faith into the iPod. ;)

I also scheduled my first fitting for Sunday, June 12th!

And in non-wedding related news... today I accomplished one of my 101 in 1001: Hike a mountain. Sean and I went to Mount Monadnock in NH and it took 4 hours to go from the bottom to the top and back down again. I didn't have tears... but I wasn't at my best either.

This is what I saw before we ventured up:

;) I remembered! And oh, I guess it really isn't non-wedding related. Whoops! Is anything you do actually non-wedding related when you're getting married in 48 days?!


  1. How fun will it be that the Friday before the wedding will be stress free!! Your i-pod will do the trick and I love that text message!!

  2. Glad it's all coming together! I hope you will have a relaxing day before your big day on that Friday! :)


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