59 days.

My goal of mailing our invitations is still aimed for Friday. Fingers crossed.

Which means that early (or middle of) next week I'll be able to post pictures of our invites!

I want to give them time to reach our guests before posting. ;)

The knot has informed me that I'm within 2 months now.. and my to-do list seems to be growing:

- Plan rehearsal dinner
- Finalize the menu
- Address invitations
- Start a beauty regimen
- Buy ceremony decor
- Gather honeymoon documents
- Finalize ceremony song list
- Finalize ceremony readings
- Schedule dress fittings
- Send out invitations
- Arrange transportation
- Work on ceremony vows
- Start ceremony programs
- Confirm hotel reservations
- Research local marriage license requirements

Uhm, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed.



  1. Well you've got two crossed off already & by Friday you'll have another one crossed off :) you're doing great. This is the point where I would be putting my head in the sand & ignoring all the lists of things that I have to do...so as long as you're not doing that you'll be doing great :)

  2. I say cross off the easy things first, marriage license, transportation etc! Keep enjoying it! Also what is your plan for ceremony vows? So EXCITING!

  3. yay invitations! and boo (but yay) to longer lists!

  4. Hahah The knot keeps emailing me stating that I am overdue who knows how many things! I cannot wait to see your invites!


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