I've missed a couple of days on the blog.

Between this:



... plus scrapbook weekend, work stuff, changing around our bedroom, and bad allergies... there's been a lot of attempting to catch up on sleep in between late nights and early mornings spent watching the news and searching news sites -- which means blogger (and wedding stuff) sort of got pushed aside... whoops!

But I'm back! I promise and I can't wait show you my bridal shower scrapbook that I made this weekend!

But since this is a wedding blog... and I haven't really commented on the royal wedding yet... I figured -- why not?!

Only a few days late ;)

I loved the royal wedding. I wasn't planning on watching. I was so far removed from all the hype -- I was like ehhh, whatever... what's the big deal?! I guess, I didn't get it.

And then all the sudden... Thursday night, I thought "wait, this IS a huge deal!"

And so I set my DVR to record, but since I was up at 4AM Friday morning anyways getting ready for work... I put it on. Right before I left I woke up Sean to say goodbye and asked him if he wanted me to leave on the tv for him to watch the royal wedding ;) he responded "nope". So apparently, he didn't get it either!

I got to work, brought it up on the computer by 6 and it was pretty great timing to watch her start walking down the aisle.

Can I just ask... HOW LONG WAS THAT AISLE? It seemed to take forever! I would have been so nervous.

Of course, she looked gorgeous. Her dress was beautiful, and her flowers were beautiful, and her makeup (that she apparently did herself?! what?!) looked beautiful -- but I have to say that my favorite part of her (other than herself)... was her veil:

I just loved it! Now, it's really not my style (read: mine looks NOTHING like this) but I loved it. I loved looking at it, I loved how it fell in all the right places, I loved the length, the style, the fabric -- literally, everything.



  1. I loved the veil too! I wish I could have one like it but it totally doesn't go with my dress!

  2. glad you posted today! i was wondering where you were ;)

  3. agreed! she looked fantastic! It was such a beautiful ceremony, I'm really glad I got up to watch it.

  4. I think I spent most of the ceremony in tears, it was just so beautiful. And Kate...she was amazing. I want her wedding dress!

  5. She was absolutely gorgeous and so was everything about their wedding. Can't wait to see your bridal shower scrapbook!!

  6. ;) thanks for all your comments! the wedding was great, i loved watching it!

    and i can't wait to SHOW my bridal shower scrapbook!


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