Bridal headband

This past weekend I got my headband that I'll wear on the big day!

Originally, I was going to go really over the top with this... and go all out with the bling and the fanciness but then I realized that a $14 one from Claire's will still do the trick and is a better deal for our budget. ;)


Thanks, Claire's ;)

It looks great on and will look stunning with my veil... if I do say so myself.

And I'm going to use this new purchase as my something new. So check & check!


  1. I do love a little bling :)lovely!

  2. I can not believe this is from claires. It is so cute and will look perfect on your day!!

  3. Love the headband! Have you set a final hairstyle?

  4. I got my headband I wore in our wedding from Claires too! They really do have great things when you look through all the silly things they have lol!

  5. good for you! I found mine at target after I was considering buying an $89 headband at henri bendel....thanks Target!


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